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Social Media can play a huge role in your marketing campaign, accomplishing many tasks that traditional search engine marketing is no longer suited to do. When used as part of a digital marketing tool set, social media marketing can help drive traffic to your website, engage potential clients in easily accessible ways, and build up brand reputation and image through online interactions. The benefits of social media marketing services are enormous and quickly noticeable. More specifically, these are:

  • The creation of brand awareness and greater exposure to online shoppers and consumers.
  • Generate brand authority and customer trust, preparing you for any potential leads that arise.
  • Acquire a higher number of leads, and do so on a consistent basis.
  • Engage with these leads on their own platform, allowing for personalized and meaningful conversations when they matter most.
  • Gain insight into the needs, habits, and preferences of customers, by analysing their social media patterns.

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Social Shares

Accumulating shares is about more than just liking and reposting what your contacts are posting about, or occasionally posting a funny and relatable image. Studies show that relevant and quality content accumulates the most shares, such as topical articles, long form blog posts, industry related news, and other images, videos and infographics relevant to your industry.

Profile Optimization

Building a social media profile is something that even celebrities and powerhouse social media users have trouble with, let alone large businesses and corporations. In a world where trends change on the daily, and memes hold more relevance than references, it can be impossible to know what matters and what doesn’t. That’s why we take this stress off your hands, by identifying long term strategies that will optimize your social media profiles by boosting their social effectiveness. We start from the ground up, and build everything from your page titles, to specific blog posts, to keyword rich descriptions and page posts, to relevant and optimized tags and custom tabs, and even take a look at your inbound and outbound links, company branding, and overall platform functionality.

Social Contests

Nothing gets people liking and sharing more than the prospect of winning something, and if they have to compete with other people, the stakes are raised even higher. Running social media campaigns can aid your business with brand awareness and consumer engagement. By simply setting concrete goals, developing custom graphics that speak to your audience, and measuring contest performance and promotion, we can help your social media contest reach a broader audience, with greater results.

Audience Growth

Growing your business and brand begins with growing your follower audience, and social media marketing is the best way to do that. The greater your social media following, the more reputability your business has in the eyes of the public. We use targeting options specifically refined to find you new fans and followers with an interest in your products and services.


Your competitors are the primary source for identifying which techniques work and which don’t. Based on our findings of how your competitors are performing in brand awareness, we can improve your social media campaign to function as a sales and lead acquisition tool for your business.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Social advertising isn’t just about boosting your popularity; it also has to do with driving business growth, generating more contact sheets, promoting relevant content, and creating a brand image and name. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can all effectively be used to achieve this purpose, by engaging in constant testing of advertisements to identify which perform best, and which can be improved on. Our experience with building advertisements for multiple search engines helps us bring you the best results, all at an affordable cost.

01. Create Effective Social Media Advertisements

Our own social media has been developed over years of practice, trying out visual designs for advertisements to see which sit best with audiences. Visual design encompasses many aspects, such as content, image selection, and even color choice. The advertisements that we build for you will feature the most suitable blend of all of these, following proven practices that guarantee results. You’ll notice brand awareness and sales numbers increasing as we go along, well beyond your expectations.

02. Target your Audience

For every single industry, there are people out there that want to buy your product. It’s not a question of convincing people to buy it, but rather one of finding the people that already do. We use hidden functions in the most popular social media sites to target exactly those audiences that are likely to be interested, and to purchase from you. Our suite of enhanced technologies allows us to use email and website remarketing, thus hitting those consumers that have already visited your website, and would have an interest in doing so again.

03. Data Analysis and Testing

It’s been our long standing belief that results are very often overlooked due to a lack of testing and analysis, ending up in wasted budgets and unnecessary changes. We monitor the results of your campaign from the very start, using your budget to wisely achieve the intended goals. While some agencies advocate for a ‘trial and error’ approach, we believe in our proven methods, and make decisions based on the analysis data from your campaign. Ultimately, your audience decides what works and what doesn’t, and that’s why we track their response to your advertising from the very start, adjusting ad content and images when necessary. This guarantees that your budget is not wasted, with results achievable and realistic.


Instagram is a very specific type of platform, mainly used for image posting of all sorts. Although it can be used as a means for boosting your brand and gaining followers, it doesn’t allow for the same type of configuration as both Facebook and Twitter. Instagram does not have a built in platform for content or image promotion, and by using it, you instead rely on carefully crafted daily posts.

It does, however, feature an intelligent hashtag system, that when mastered, allows you to boost certain posts for greater visibility, appearing before others on the ‘featured’ tab. Ultimately, Instagram is best suited for those businesses that produce a high number of images daily, and are looking to interact with a specific age group of consumers.


When Facebook first emerged to the public, it was meant to connect friends and family across the web, by allowing them to share all sorts of content with one another. The platform has steadily evolved into multi-billion user base, many of whom go on the website every single day. This makes Facebook one of the most powerful content delivery platforms on the internet, which is an extremely powerful tool for businesses to utilize. Through Facebook, you can engage with audiences around the world, promote your products and services, and tap into a changing market right at its core. Those companies that rely only on organic search ranking and paid marketing are missing out on the vast potential of Facebook marketing and advertising. Don’t let yourself be one of them! Engage with Facebook today, and expand the reach of your business brand.

So why do you need Facebook?

All sorts of businesses are embracing Facebook for its’ marketing abilities, and implementing it into their marketing strategies. Everyone from large international corporations to small local businesses are jumping on to Facebook, because their potential customer bases are already on there. By doing something so simple as establishing a Facebook page where consumers can reach you for questions and concerns, you immediately become a part of their social media base, and can use them as an expansion point for more interactions.

Paid advertising is a popular option specifically for Facebook, which has put tremendous efforts into developing tools for businesses that can pinpoint and target those audiences that are likeliest to buy. Based on the age, gender, income, job position, relationship status, interests, location, demographics, and behaviour of consumers, we can help you predict who will show an interest in what you have to offer. With such a broad consumer base from which to do this, Facebook paid advertising is all but guaranteed to work, and all for a lower cost and time commitment that most search engine paid advertising.

Our Strategy

We don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, and instead work to determine what type of marketing strategy will best suit the needs of reaching your intended Facebook audience. A common goal when it comes to Facebook marketing is to build relevancy in the modern age as a technologically advanced company, and that’s exactly the image that we set out to achieve for you. We don’t always settle on only organic marketing or paid advertising, often utilizing a mixture of the two for maximum effectiveness. This combination can serve to create a presence on social media, to increase your follower base, to generate more traffic for your website and blog, or even simply to be more available to your clients, our strategy can help develop the perfect social media campaign for your business.

Why Paid Advertising?

It’s no secret. The market is heavily saturated with business, many of them selling the same products and services. When social media began gaining popularity, the way to stand out was to embrace new trends and hop on board the Facebook train. At that stage organic marketing was a powerful option, allowing brands to reach thousands, or even millions of untapped consumers. But as it become more and more commonplace for businesses to have a Facebook page, organic reach began to dwindle, and paid advertising took its place. Although organic marketing is still viable, it doesn’t have the same reach and flexibility that paid advertising does, and that’s why we push all our clients to begin paid advertising before it’s too late.

If you’re looking to build a brand name, to become well-known and authoritative in your industry, and even just to get consumers talking about you, your organic marketing campaign needs to be propped up by paid advertising. For anyone who has ever engaged in PPC advertising, Facebook ads will be nothing new. Our years of PPC experience have equipped us to aid you in spending your ad dollars frugally, in order to achieve the widest reaching results. We will handle:

  • Analysis, success measurement, and reporting
  • Ad performance analysis, with the goal of keeping only top performing Facebook ads.
  • Optimization of cost-per-click ads, cost-per-like ads, and even on-site conversion.
  • Enhanced campaign creation with consistent monitoring.
  • Multivariate testing for all ad content and images.

Our Facebook Advertising Services

Our advertising services for Facebook encompass every aspect of the platform’s abilities, and can be orchestrated to run alone or in unison with other social media marketing or PPC marketing campaigns and methods.

  • Video Promotion
  • Like Campaigns
  • Page Campaigns
  • Website Click Campaigns
  • Conversion Increase Campaigns
  • App and Mobile Campaigns
  • Offers and Competitions
  • Viral Campaigns

If you didn’t see what you’re looking for mentioned here, let us know so that we can create a customized Facebook marketing and advertising campaign for your business, with your specific needs and goals in mind.


Twitter follows a different approach than Facebook, focusing on quickly posted short-form content rather than long posts. It’s mainly used for quick updates and thoughts, with anything longer being posted in full length on Facebook. You may think that this negates its ability to be a marketing tool, but the beauty of Twitter lies in this short-form formula. Because Twitter users expect those they follow to post regular updates on the platform, they check it more often than they would Facebook, increasing the opportunity that you have to captivate them. The downside, however, is that Twitter feeds become clogged up with huge numbers of Tweets from various sources, decreasing the likelihood that someone will notice what you’re posting. Unless you’ve already achieved fame and are in their favorites, this leaves you with only one way to reach out to your audience: Twitter ads.

When used in conjunction with organic marketing, we can work together to develop an effective Twitter marketing strategy that reaches the greatest number of people.

Our social media marketing experts will build and tweak your Twitter ads to optimally deliver content, build a loyal following, and increase engagement with your business. To do this, we need to use your existing social media content to build a tailored, all-inclusive Twitter marketing strategy based on both paid and organic methods. With this tool at our disposal, we can guide your business towards the goals and objectives that you intent to meet. We will use:

Promoted Tweets

Promotion increases the visibility of your tweet by targeting specific keywords, interests, locations, devices, and audiences.

Promoted Accounts

Much how authority websites are crucial in building a brand name through traditional SEO, targeting particular Twitter users to follow your brand will help build an engaged, actionable audience faster.

Promoted Trends

Trends are the ‘viral video’ of the Twitter age, and when you control the trend, you control the conversation. Build awareness of new products, services, and events with the Twitter advertising option.


We will develop a customized, goal-oriented campaign that is in line with the needs of your business, regardless of whether that’s building your brand following, increasing traffic, or generating more website traffic.

Analysis and Optimization

Much like with any marketing strategy, results need to be monitored, analyzed, and reported to measure their performance. Twitter features an analytics tool that can gauge the success of your Twitter advertising campaign, and this data can then be used to optimize your campaign for maximum return on investment of your advertisement spending.

We use Twitter because we know Twitter, and we know the results that it can bring to your business. This platform is all about sharing, whether it be in the form of favorites or retweets. A single tweet can reach a huge following, just by being retweeted thousands or even millions of times. Retweeting is such an integral part of Twitter that it’s extremely easy to share something you enjoy with friends, or even with strangers if you have a public feed. We’ve mastered the secret to this system, and will use promoted tweets and website ads to get your Twitter posts to people who have an interest in your business. Facebook doesn’t allow for this same kind of accuracy, as it doesn’t have the ability to target consumers based on the keywords they search and the pages and people they follow. This insight helps us locate opportunities to grow your brand quickly with Twitter advertising. In addition, the platforms ability to engage you in one-on-one conversations with your audience is what makes it stand out in the marketing arena. It generates new relationships with potential clients.


While the other social media platforms focus heavily on consumer engagement and buying power, LinkedIn is a platform meant primarily for business to business relations. LinkedIn was developed to operate as the Facebook for professionals and business executives, and many of them check it on a daily basis to connect with peers and even to forge new connections in their industry. When you market and advertise on LinkedIn, you’re going after business connections that can immediately boost the success of your business, and even drive increased traffic from relevant businesses to your website and products.

Hosting over five millions users a month, LinkedIn is a professional business platform, which can be used to research competitors and study business habits. The majority of LinkedIn users boast some level of higher education, and visit the platform in hopes of being contacted by local businesses with offers and opportunities. This means that you can get your brand in front of the ideal audience, simply by targeting those that match your specific criteria. LinkedIn allows you to target by industry, job title, education level, employment, and even work experience. With a higher level of professional targeting, LinkedIn is the ideal platform for your business.

We incorporate LinkedIn into your social media campaign by using a combination of organic and paid media techniques, which will maximize the spread of your brand across the network. We’ll also handle creating and managing your LinkedIn profile, cultivating your number of followers, building brand awareness, and creating powerful advertising campaigns.

Paid advertising can actually be the most powerful part of your LinkedIn campaign, as its adding more and more paid options to its arsenal of tools. When working with your LinkedIn, our primary goal is to boost your return on investment to the max, and we do this by carefully analyzing your company and crafting a custom approach. Our team of advertising and marketing professionals is well equipped to help you in all areas of LinkedIn marketing, such as:

  • LinkedIn Sponsored Updates: Similar to Facebook’s sponsored posts and Twitter’s sponsored tweets, this feature is meant to showcase your brand at the top of user newsfeeds, thus helping you acquire leads and improve brand reputation.
  • LinkedIn Ads: By displaying ads on well-known LinkedIn pages, Profiles, Home Page, Inboxes, Groups, and Result Pages, you can greatly boost your business profits.
  • LinkedIn Targeting: With an array of targeting methods designed to help you reach your ideal audience, LinkedIn lets you select job title, function, industry, age, gender, location, group, seniority, company name and size, and many more when targeting businesses and consumers.
  • Multivariate Testing: Different images, ad copy, and other media need to be constantly tested to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • Analysis and Improvement: Rarely is something perfect right off the bat, and that’s why your LinkedIn campaign will need to be monitored, analyzed, and optimized every step of the way.

Let us help you craft the best LinkedIn advertising and marketing campaigns, starting with the right strategies to suit your business’s needs!


YouTube is an exciting new way to reach consumers, rarely used by traditional businesses, but with amazing brand building potential. Most internet users rely on videos as a means of acquiring information and learning about new products, which is why they turn to YouTube for content. Videos are also more captivating and connect better to consumers that standard image advertising can, yet YouTube does allow for such traditional advertising in the form of banner and image ads.

YouTube is formally owned by Google, meaning that radical re-education of advertising techniques is not necessary. Google AdWords can be used in the exact same way on YouTube, allowing you to monetize on such an effective system. YouTube also has very specific targeting metrics, allowing you to find viewers based on the interests shown in their viewing habits.

Demographics and search terms can also play a role, and if their YouTube account is connected to their Google account, you can also tap into their Google searches. Moreover, YouTube ads only cost you money when someone interacts with them, not forcing you to pay for the use of digital space. These ads will also only be shown to those people watching videos related to your business or industry, increasing the chances of them interacting with it, and pumping up your ROI.

With YouTube’s base of over one millions viewers, it becomes the ideal digital market to find potential clients through the use of video media. Banner and display ads are used in conjunction with videos to help your business be noticed. Our team will also work with you to help develop your own video channel, which can be used to host banner ads, or even simply to disseminate videos to your audience base.

If you’re not sure how to get started with YouTube, contact our team of experts, and get started today!

Facebook Ads

By far the most popular platform, Facebook has become more and more dominated by paid advertising in recent years. This is due partly to a change in the algorithm for organic ranking, but also because Facebook has such a large and diverse user base. We’ll work with you to create paid advertisements that are crafted for your business’s needs, acquiring likes and shares through promoted posts, conversion ads, remarketing, and like campaigns.

Twitter Ads

Twitter has developed an intelligent advertising platform capable of delivering audience-targeted promoted tweets and campaigns. These can be used to link users to your website, to build brand awareness, and to simply generate a Twitter following, which can then be used to speak to your audience.

LinkedIn Ads

Although initially meant as a Facebook style connection tool for businesses and professionals, LinkedIn has developed its platform to allow for content posting and advertising, including paid targeted ads. We can turn your LinkedIn from a placeholder to an audience outreach tool, by implementing and managing ad campaigns and sponsored posts with the right content.

Multivariate Testing

It can be difficult to pick out the best possible ad image and copy combinations when creating an ad, which is why we test these metrics to identify which ads have the best performance and deliver most on ROI.

Ad Campaign Integration

Whether you’re running your PPC campaigns with us or on your own, it always helps to have all your paid advertising integrated in one place. That’s why we integrate your paid social media advertising with your other PPC campaigns, thus producing a power-driven and multifaceted campaign meant to accomplish your marketing goals.