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We’re The Top Experts in Paid Search Marketing.

When searching for a PPC company to use, this task can be daunting with all the companies out there. Rest assured, when deciding to go with RGK Digital, you are truly going with some of the best in the industry. We have years of experience not only running other people PPC campaigns but are own as well. We truly understand the power a good PPC campaign an have on your overall business. With tried and tested techniques, we have industry trade secrets that we apply to allow PPC campaigns we run.

Whether you are new to paid search marketing or have been doing it yourself for a while, hiring a professional team is the way to go. We can provide a fresh look on your account, and coach you on what mistakes you are making or how you can improve. If you’re new to paid search marketing, we go step by step to ensure your campaign is as powerful as possible. While the competition has gotten steep within this market, nothing can be the agile and efficient team at RGK Digital.

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Save Time

Creating an effective online marketing strategy takes time. That’s not your expertise and it’s not how you’ll grow your company. Let us handle it.

Save Money

Online marketing that isn’t producing a solid ROI (return on investment) isn’t just ineffective, it’s costing you money. Let us change that.

Increase Conversions

If traffic doesn’t convert, it doesn’t mean anything for your business. We seek positive returns for every dollar you spend on your PPC campaigns.

Drive Profits

Adwords and other PPC networks thrive for a reason…they help companies make money by bringing in new leads and sales consistently.

Gain More Customers

Every day, people are searching for what you offer. And they click on ads. We have the expertise to turn those clicks into new customers.

We’re Local

We live and work in the GTA, just like you, so we understand the unique needs of GTA-area businesses.

The #1 Pay Per Digital Click Agency

Your Website On The Front Page Of Google Today.

Paid search campaigns are the easiest way to get your website on the first page of Google fast. Not only will your website be on the first page, but you will make sales fast as well. Please buy one of our paid search packages to see what we can do for you.

PPC Targeting

We will use our years of expertise to target the right keywords for the highest conversion rate.

Advanced Tracking

We used the most advanced tracking software to date and make sure to provide you with around the clock updates.

Expert Copywriting

Every pay per click campaign we launch comes with us writing each and every ad for maximum conversions.

Full Setup

All our packages come with complete and full setup to ensure the success of your campaign.

Why Pay Per Click Is the Way To Go.

When starting out, it can be daunting when figuring out what marketing avenues to pursue, social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, and more. The truth is that while there is no one right answer for all companies, paid search is a great way to start seeing results immediately. While it can sometimes takes months to start seeing results with search engine optimization, with pay per click market, results can been within days.

Another great thing about pay per click marketing is how you can control your budge in real-time, making changes as your business grows or if you decide to focus the money in other avenues. We can limit your budget through Google and Bing with you only spending as much as you feel comfortable spending, we will never pressure you to spend more.

PPC That Makes Money

Our team focuses on produces pay per click marketing campaigns that are profitable for your company. Work with a team of PPC experts today to see what we can do for your business.

Your How Questions Answered

We’ve Answered Some Of The Most Common Questions People Have When Hiring A New Online Marketing Company.

Why can’t I run my PPC campaigns?

The simple answer is because they’re incredibly complex, and the chances that you get a positive return on your ad spend go up exponentially if work with someone who manages PPC campaigns full time.

Is Google okay with your techniques?

Of course! We’re experts at working to make your campaigns as effective as they can be, while still staying in Google’s good graces.

What’s Your Track Record?

As with all of our work, we have a long track record of success. Whether it’s optimizing an existing campaign to make it work even better, or setting up a brand new campaign, we’ve seen it all.

Where are you located?

We’re right here in the GTA-area just like you. Bottom line, you’ll never have to hunt us down or wonder where we went. We’re here for the long haul.