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Digital Marketing Services That Will Get Results For Your Business.

With growing competition in the digital space, having a strong digital partner is not only an advantage, it is an absolute necessity.

SEM, in turn, requires a proven professional team strategy at work: RGK Digital brings that to the table and more.

When you choose RGK Digital for your business you opt into team work with national and international search engine optimization experience.

Today your business deserves a virtually immediate jump in conversions driven by increased targeted traffic caused by improved search engine visibility. You can’t just rank #1 for any term — it has to be the right term.

Through pure experience and ongoing research and market monitoring, RGK Digital has deep insight in which keywords make up transactional queries: it is those queries we want your business to benefit from and the best way to do so is through organic, natural, non-sponsored search results as preferred by the majority of consumer searchers.

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More Visibility

When done correctly, SEO will allow for people who didn’t even know you were out there to find you online.

More Traffic

Once you’re on the first page of Google, you’ll get more traffic to your website than before. It’s that simple. Measurable, quantifiable, real results that directly impact your bottom line.

More Profit

If you were getting 10 visitors a day to your site before and converting one, if we can help you get 100 visitors to your site through SEO you’ll convert 10.

Competitor’s Traffic

If you aren’t claiming your spot near the top, someone else is. With effective SEO, we can drive you to the front page, meaning sales go to YOU and not THEM.

Market Dominance

If you control your rank, you control your market. Plain and simple. Through SEO, you’re getting free traffic, free leads, free customers and free profits.

Instant Respect

A high search engine ranking instantly gives your business credibility. It shows you can be trusted which is an important factor when converting leads into customers.

01. Extensive Competitive Analysis

In order to carve out the best online position we need to ensure that our keyword targeting & breadth are inline with the traffic needs of your business. We will work with you through consultation and in-depth keyword data research to create a targeted and achievable list of keyword topics. By reviewing your keywords and the competition for visitors in that space we can determine the best group of keyword phrases to produce an increase in targeted organic traffic.

  • Keyword Research
  • Identify Your Top Competitors
  • Analyze Your Competitors
  • Download Their Backlink Profile
  • Analyze Their Topical Authority
  • Establish Industry Baselines
  • Social Media and Content Audit
  • Determine Your Winning Strategy
  • Determine Baseline KPI’s


02. Website & Social Profile Optimization

In cooperation with your internal team, RGK Digital will guide the structural, content and navigation design of the site. We will make sure that the site’s pages, its information architecture and its content taxonomy are conducive for search engine indexing.

  • Work with client to develop a one page style guide to guide website and online changes
  • Work with client to identify potential link partners
  • Correct site architecture & internal linking
  • Review & address crawlability issues
  • Complete website on-page & technical optimization

Social Sharing Setup

We build our campaigns using the hub and spoke system. The website is the central source for all content sharing. We will setup your website to automatically share newly posted content to your social profiles. This method is the most efficient for building a larger social profile without the large cost.

03. Link Building

Identification & Outreach to relevant authority websites (high profile industry sites). We will identify ideal link placement targets, prioritize them and use our outreach process to gain guest posting opportunities. RGK Digital will produce approved content for the authority website that includes a well-placed placed link back to your company website pages.

Our Link Building Program delivers…

  • High value SEO results without the risk of low quality link building. Google will always love these links!
  • Promotion of your company’s brand image. Positive reinforcement of your brand value across every potential client touch point.
  • Helps build and maintain a positive online brand reputation as well as maintaining 1st page control.

04. Content Development

“Best in Class” Content is King – there is nothing better for SEO than well written and optimized content. It generates links on its own and makes your site relevant to the search engine for the topics we are targeting. We see the majority of the impact producing SEO work in optimization improvements to the website content as well as all of the newly added content. Content optimization is now more important than ever in SEO and online marketing. Google’s search algorithms are now advanced enough to identify and reward original, fresh and high-quality content. The more professional, optimized content your website produces, the more traffic it will attract from Google as a result.

The #1 Search Engine Optimization Agency

Want be on the first page of Google?

RGK Digital will get you there! RGK Digital has search engine optimization packages that will get your website on the first page of Google. Purchase an SEO package today and be wowed by the results you see.

White Hat SEO

Our company will not do anything sketchy to rank your website on the first page of Google.

Ethical Links

All backlinks that we build that will link to your website will be completely ethical backlinks.

No Software

All the work that we do is completely done manually. You can sleep easy knowing that real humans are taking care of the work to get your website ranked.

First Page Rankings

Our SEO company will get you on the first page of Google. We will work hard to ensure that your website makes it to the top of Google and stays there.

Make sure to go with RGK Digital experts.

Trying to figure out with SEO company to go with can be a very daunting task. The first important thing to do is to make sure to go with someone local and find a reliable company. The reason for this is that badly done SEO can have a negative effect in the long run, so it’s important to go with a local company you can trust. RGK Digital have  SEO experts that know how to rank your website in white hate ways on the first page of google.

When looking for SEO services, we truly are digital marketing experts. Notice that we are experts and not just one  expert. Having a team is very important when purchasing SEO services. When looking for SEO companies, trust a RGK specialist with years of experience in ranking websites. RGK Digital is the way to go, and RGk Digital is the answer to your search of SEO services. An experienced SEO company is the first step towards more traffic to your website. See SEO Toronto company services here.

We’re experts in White Hat SEO.

When searching for an SEO company, a lot of people don’t know and don’t care about what white hat SEO means. Unfortunately, understanding the key difference between white hat and black hat SEO can make all the difference between whether your business survives and thrives or dies an immediate death. When doing SEO the black hat way, the client is typically much happier at first, the reason being that they see results immediately, on the first page right away. Clients love this but don’t realize this can have a negative effect on your website, with your website in some cases being banned from Google a month later.

White hat SEO however, is where you build links ethically, and manually, which may take longer at first to see results, but is a long term strategy with you coming out on top in the long run. Any SEO company claiming they can show you results within a month or that you are “guaranteed to be on the first page” are guaranteed to be doing black hat SEO. Don’t be fooled by smooth talking SEO salesman and go with RGK Digital, a white hat SEO company that will slowly build up your company working with you to drive quality traffic to your website.

SEO That Works For Your Business

Starting working with a team of experts that focuses on producing results for your business. Our search engine optimization team is here to get results.

Your How Questions Answered

We’ve Answered Some Of The Most Common Questions People Have When Hiring A New Online Marketing Company.

How quickly will my site get ranked?

Every site is different. So is every industry, every keyword, every market, every vertical, and so on. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll be able to give you a clearer picture of how long it will take.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Our work is always guaranteed and you are never under any obligation to stay with us if we don’t perform as promised. We don’t make you sign any long-term contracts.

Are your techniques “OK” with Google’s policies?

Absolutely. SEO firms that try and “trick” the search engines aren’t just worthless…they’re dangerous. We keep on top of Google’s policies and algorithms day in and day out.

Where are you located?

We’re right here in the GTA-area just like you. Bottom line, you’ll never have to hunt us down or wonder where we went. We’re here for the long haul.